HOBINK is an internet marketplace morphing to create more friendliness and business opportunities for users.Hobink was designed based on the fact that there are many local professionals, who are actually good with their crafts, but can only be accessed by people in their immediate environment, thereby making the local professional services in Africa not easily accessible by everybody that really needs this services

Through Hobink local professionals,can both have a physicals wall to wall store and an online presence. The company utilizes a consolidated approach in handling all services rendered. It helps each local professional have their service known to the world, thereby bringing more works opportunity to them.

Rating and reviews

The service render are monitored by creating a rating and review service category,that will help users know which professional have a better and quality service than the others. The rating and review will serve as a caution to improve the services being offered.

Rating and reviews will be done for all registered professionals with account. The rating will help to encourage good works and frown away bad works.

Reviews will be in form of comments written by users that have had a service experience with the professional. This review may be positive or negative to the professional based on the costumers satisfactions.