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HOBINK is a new online internet marketplace, morphing to create more friendliness and business opportunities for users. Hobink was designed based on the fact that there are many service  professionals, who are actually good with their crafts, but can only be accessed by people in their immediate environment, thereby making the local professional services in Africa not easily accessible by everybody that really needs this services. Hobink provided a solution to this problem,by creating a platform for accessing professionals


  • Address 14 ota iku street off gbangbala street ikate lekki
How can I register and use the site?
Use the menu bar button at the right up of the homepage,to register and login
How can I create a business listing?
Use the menu bar to create an account and then click on add submission to create a new business listing
I am finding it difficult to upload a photo,what should I do?
You need to make sure your intending photo is not above 8mb
The site cannot access my mobile phone when trying to upload pictures, what should I do?
Use the document menu bar that appears on your phone when you click on the select file will be able to upload pictures using the document bar
How can I contact hobink for advert and packages offer
Check informations on contact at the homepage to reach to hobink directly
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